My Adventure at the Cardiology Clinic Begins, by JD Meyer #SOL15 Tuesday

Just when I was starting to really gloat over no COPD exacerbations since January 3, 2015, I started getting heart palpitations about 1 1/2 months ago. At first I was in denial, confused, or thought I was just tired. Finally, I got that fluttering feeling really bad on a Saturday morning. So I called my general doctor, and she found CVC, a cardiologist clinic, and my appointment was yesterday morning.

That building occupies a former furniture warehouse, and it is so big that they have ten doctors there; furthermore, CVC is affiliated with East TX Medical Center (ETMC), one of the two hospitals in Tyler, TX. The doctor was very pleasant, as was the rest of the staff. Getting there was easy on the Green South bus, as the nearest bus stop was quite near. Then I returned by using the same bus stop, as the Green line makes its curve North shortly after stopping at the University of Texas at Tyler (UTT) in the southeast.

My EKG was good; however, that’s not the end of the story. I have to wear a heart monitor for two weeks. That involves three electrodes, some cords, and my communicator. For example, when I get tired on my daily walk to the Beer Store &/or Dollar Store, I put a check mark next to medium activity and light tired. Remove cords before showering. A customer rep. called me this morning to make sure I knew how to use the equipment. I had just figured out how to charge the communicator, something to do overnight. Replace batteries on monitor every 3-4 days; glad they gave me a couple of extras.

I walked to Subway for lunch after the appointment and got their cheapest sub, a breakfast wrap with steak, egg whites, cheese, and my choice of fresh vegetables. I expressed being impressed with the difficulty in getting all those veggies on the wrap. I found myself not just ordering Sriracha hot sauce, but describing its origins and ingredients to the amused sandwich assembler. Yes, I took advantage of my brief teaching opportunity with a person physically present and not in cyberspace. Sriracha was started by a Vietnamese immigrant to California, but it’s a Thai sauce. Then I added Sriracha is made of red jalapenos, sugar, and garlic, but no tomatoes.

Two more cardiology tests soon and another cardiologist appointment in six weeks–right about the time I see a psychiatrist. More health stories to follow. I’m drinking some water. You know I’m going to tweet and post this story.

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