What’s Scary About Being Published? Promoting

Titanium Brain

So many writer friends cringe at promoting their work. “How can I ask total strangers to read my stories? Who am I to steal time and attention from their daily lives?” It’s a tough question to answer, especially when the market at large effectively tells you, ‘you’re nobody’. The easiest way to answer that question is to begin with a couple tougher ones.

Why do you write? Since I can’t answer that for you, I’ll answer it for me. Good fiction excites me. A well planned and written scene, no matter the subject, can make me tear up. My favorite books, movies, and shows still do. I watch some on a nearly annual basis and well up inside as those greatest moments approach. I’m also a huge daydreamer. So many stories spin off in so many other directions in my head, days after experiencing them. If your story excites you…

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