Stew with Meals-on-Wheels & my Kitchen Goodies.

I made a stew today with ingredients from my daily Meals-on-Wheels meals and my favorite kitchen goodies. I decided to make a stew starting with a rectangular meat patty, hot dog, chopped potatoes, red beans, and green peas–all from Meals-on-Wheels. All of these goodies went into a pot on the stove after I’d sizzled the chopped hot dog with onions & vegetable oil.

Then I added some favorites from my ‘frig: onions, minced garlic, nopalitos (cactus slices), kale, beer, & purple cabbage. The included spices were Italian Mix (oregano and more), Mrs. Dash Southwest, ground cumin, and Mrs. Renfro salsa (spicy tomato). Then I boiled some beef ramen, and I added most of that pot to the mix. The next day, I microwaved a hot link to add to the mix. I hope my recipe helps you from having food waste issues!