NuGlarus Initiative of Switzerland, by Roberto Balmer (Translated from German by Google)

“The NüGlarus initiative wants to create the digital canton and build up innovation clusters. And then become a national model.

An initiative supported by industry and the private sector wants to use the rapid digital development in Glarus to make the canton attractive for start-ups. The young companies are wooed with the favorable tax foot which the rural community has just passed. At the same time, however, firms in the canton should also receive support for the economic changes that are likely to occur with digitalization. The initiative, organized as an association, is presented in the Glarner dialect as “NüGlarus” with the website of the same name, and not only started with initial private and company members, but also with concrete technical projects.

The initiative, launched as a non-profit organization, does not have its own office and all inquiries are processed online, promises
Companies, the administration and the private, to use development opportunities and niches. In the end of 2018 Glarus will be able to access the “fastest and cheapest data highway in the Alps”. Furthermore, new startup services will be rolled out and so-called co-working opportunities will be realized in all major locations in the canton. As the board of directors of Roberto Balmer explained on request, it is concretely about bridges, Glarus, Schwanden, Näfels and Linthal.

The fast data highway in detail
The good tax conditions for start-ups that want to settle in the canton are, moreover, determined by the government, which is represented as an observer through its business support. Balmer explained that the government had agreed on a quick and uncomplicated settlement, which did not presuppose the establishment of a company.

In addition to taxation, NüGlarus also promotes the deep space costs, the wide range of local services and good networking with local companies.

Ivan Büchi, privately in the steering committee of the initiative of dedicated head of the digital office of Glarner Kantonalbank, explains the specifications of the planned data highway. It will consist of a redundant network that provides the cloud connections with 0.5 milliseconds to data centers up to 80 kilometers away and delivers 2.5 milliseconds to all other Swiss data centers. It has already been implemented for the Glarner Kantonalbank and is now being expanded by Glarus (TB.glarus) and HIAG Data, with the result that the entire canton is now fit for new, eg cloud-based business models.

Discounts and expansion plans
NüGlarus also lures its members with discounts for offers of participating companies. It is always about innovation projects. For example, the first NüGlarus partners already promise special prizes, such as the telecom sector, premises for virtual collaboration, or for the field of hololens or special drones. At the same time, private persons can benefit from the Internet, TV and telephony. NüGlarus promises to expand its partner offerings on a continuous basis.

Mit-Initiator Balmer emphasizes that you have found strong support in the last few days. But it was necessary to support further Glarner, Neuglarner, Heimwehglarner and sympathizers. “Our instruments and fuel are ideas, networks and financial resources,” he adds. “As long as so many innovative sponsors, partners as well as private and company members join us, we can do something and will continue to engage with the initiative.”

As an ambitious one, one can describe the plan to make the initiative “nationally” a model for other regions. NüGlarus writes in any case that the expansion is already in the pipeline.

Currently, the HIAG Data initiative, TB.glarus and Netstream are active as telecom partners. In addition, the Rapperswil University of Applied Sciences, as well as Linklabs, IT service provider Glaronia, co-working provider Ungleich, the video producer BSV and the consultant ob8. (VRI)”