Stop Asian Hate

To protest the Anti-Asian movement, I wore the following to Stanley’s Famous Bar-B-Q on Saturday afternoon: (1) my new red Sriracha hot sauce T-shirt, (2) a black bandanna with yin-yang symbols, and (3) my old maroon half-length kimono with the dragon on the back. …..I became a fan of Japanese culture in 3rd grade. I began studying Neo-Confucianism for my M.S. nearly 40 years ago. I taught South Vietnamese refugees ESOL in the late 90s–still have a full-sized flag. It looks like the Cefco logo!

Here’s my response to the CNN special: “Afraid: Fear in America’s Communities of Color.” Y’all hang in there. Multicultural White folks can relate to your grief. I’m happy to be a member of two private Confucian (Ru) groups (related thesis in 1984). My teaching audience was usually Black or Mexican-American. Tejano, soul, and melodic heavy metal rock! #StopAsianHate.

“When Japan Defeated Mongols,” by J.D. Meyer—performed by Mongrel Catharsis, 1988.

This song is British style Heavy metal in the tradition of Iron Maiden.

It was in 1274 and again in 1281

when the Mongols sailed to war upon the shores of Japan.

The Mongols had the greatest empire

in covering all the lands

from Russia to Indonesia and Hungary to Korea.

But this time, the Mongols met their match

in stronger swords, sacred winds, and lacquered armor.


CHORUS: Onward go the samurai.

Grind the Mongols at the coast.

Defend the sacred islands

For Japan we boast.


Smaller boats slashed larger fleets,

And walls of stone met the sea.

Nichiren Buddha said they’d strike.

His mystic words do still some chant:


I do believe

the Sun Goddess still shines upon her chosen land.

For in peace,

she shines like an Eastern Switzerland.

Repeat Chorus and song title until fade.


Footnote: Nam-myoho-renge-kyo = Devotion to the mystic law of cause-and-effect shown in all phenomena. “Nam” is a contraction for “Na-mu” when you chant faster.