“Knowing Spanish Can Reduce Stress!” by J.D. Meyer

I have a new subtitle. My update to the talk is now a footnote.

Spanish Tutorial

This was a brief talk at a 2003 Texas College Wednesday Chapel Service Program on Stress

Many of you know that I tutor Spanish; some of you know that I have a website called, Spanish Tutorial and Links to Researchhttp://jdmeyer.pageout.net. Today I’m here to show that knowing Spanish can reduce stress. In fact, there’s a strong chance that stress reduction has been a major reason for my self-directed study of Spanish. Perhaps this paradigm shift will have greater value in explaining why I started Spanish long after I’d forgotten my four semesters at Texas A&M: 2 C’s and 2 D’s. I’ve gotten a lot better.

Everybody’s got to eat. And where I happened to be living and working in East Dallas, North Oak Cliff, and East Garland, the quickest, cheapest, and spiciest restaurants were predominantly Spanish speaking. Imagine the stress building in a 190-pound man who can do…

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