Feta Mogul (in honor of the EU), by J.D. Meyer

Bulgarian feta:

First cheese of the East, ready for the West.

I’m stuck on the Food Channel–

remastering the Art of French Cooking,

looking to substitute our feta for their cheeses.


Soviet shackles–a thing of the past.

West Europe’s snobbery: gone forever.

In the Union, there’s no more war.


Thinking about tourism too.

About dot com even got Eastern Europe.

Maybe I’ll put my feta on Hungarian goulash,

and sell it to a German–

still heavy on paprika.


Gold is the circle of stars.

Blue is the background.

And making that green is the goal.

Call me, The Feta Mogul.

Call me, The Feta Mogul!


Originally written & performed at a Spoken Word event at

Texas College in Tyler, TX in 2010.