Storm, Hurricane & Tornado Preparedness Link Page, by J.D. Meyer (2nd Edition)

1. These earth-sheltered buildings are safe from fire, tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes. They are concrete, steel-reinforced structures. The roof is 20 times stronger than a flat roof! Modules are either 24 feet (640 square feet) for $20,000 or 28 feet (870 square feet) for $25,000. Save up to 90% in energy costs. Extra costs for features such as overhangs and skylights. Terra-dome is also a distributor of waterproofing, ventilation and lighting products, energy-saving products, and alternative energy systems.

2. “Building a Storm- Resistant Home” Advice from Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing (PATH). The 2003 International Residential Code requires houses to meet storm-resistant standards where wind speeds can become equal or greater than 110 mph. The FEMA Project Impact Program suggests builders in tornado-prone areas follow guidelines that builders in hurricane-prone areas must follow. Water rather than wind is the cause of most storm-related damage. The averagegarage door is often weak. Get impact-resistant doors, shutters, and windows.

3. “What Materials Do you Need to Make A Tornado-Proof House?” Metal ties are “one of the easiest methods.” These plates attach the roof rafters to the walls and wall bottoms to the foundation. Reinforced concrete is the “essential material.” Sloped walls and open channels allow wind to blow through. Glass bricks won’t turn into dangerous shards while letting light enter.

4. The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale from the National Hurricane Center. The 1 to 5 rating is based on wind speed; estimated property damage is included.

5. “Green ‘Sunshower’ House in Lakeview targets hurricane recovery and more” A post-disaster replacement house in New Orleans is deliverable anywhere in the world in a ready to assemble kit form by non-expert construction workers. The 1100 square foot house has a “rainwater collection system, solar panelswind turbine, emergency generator, and battery stockpile.” It has steel clad foam walls and should withstand 160 mph winds. The Sunshower House sells for $100,000.

6. Construction”Building in Tropical Storm Areas” (a-f). Wind vs. Water Analysis. Links in the right-hand margin include Taiwan’s Future Sustainable Development Plan.

7. “Tornado Preparedness Tips for School Administrators.” Advance strategies and “right before” advice. Found through which includes FEMA’s Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH) and more. Sponsors include Lowe’s and American Red Cross.

8. Linkin Park is the first touring band to receive the NOAA (National Oceanic& Atmospheric Administration) Storm Ready Award for planning, preparedness, & alertness.

9. Products/Residential/Safety-Security_Window_Films/ “Expand Your Views on Safety” 3M Safety & Security Window Films-protection versus severe weather and break-ins. Windows can be “your weakest link.” 

10. The Fujita Scale for Rating Tornadoes. Six levels based on tornado speed and amount of building damage done. The size of a tornado is not necessarily a sign of its intensity. The National Weather Service (NWS) makes the rating after the tornado has passed.


11. Mangrove Swamps by EPA. In a recent Facebook post, Ulil Abshar-Abdalla observed that Indonesia needs to better preserve its mangrove and brackish forests on beaches. Pollution and beach engineering due to tourism and reclamation hurts efforts to withstand tsunamis.

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