#HCSM (Health Care Social Media) from Moscow, Russia

The second project 175oj City Polyclinic-aims to identify risk factors for chronic diseases, as well as to work with patients with chronic diseases.

The first group of patients is the working population from 18 and older. The main challenge in working with this group to bring them to the clinic for possible early detection of health problems, teach people to monitor their health and to prevent, in particular, such frequent diseases like hypertension.

The second group of people-people of the older generation, who are already retired and have more than three chronic diseases. Not much, about 500 people, but they’re all attached to one specific physician. They have a mobile number to their nurses, who also constantly monitors their condition, reminiscent of when it is necessary to pass any examinations and can help to quickly make an appointment or consult a physician in case of unforeseen situations.

Well, and the third group of people-patients, which must be maintained at home and for them a special case.

Separately, we note that the clinic today is completely in line with the new standards, Moscow has all the necessary specialists, organized nursing positions created duty brigades therapists, comfort zone, established call center and registry does not exist in the previous version. Upon completion of the repair works will create equipped map library.

# MoskovskaâPoliklinika # health # medicine # Moscow

Translated by Google, this info comes from a new Twitter friend from Moscow, who posted this info on her Facebook site. She has a law degree.
Курятникова Настиша @Abrikatinovaya Настасья Андреевна

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