SOL 15 Later than Tuesday: Editing a Self-Help Booklet & When Bottles & Cans Turn into Vases

Yes, I didn’t get around to submitting an article yesterday, or I forgot. What I have been doing among other things is editing a self-help booklet for a new good friend. This is good in more ways than one: (1) extra money, (2) finally doing something English teacher-like again, and (3) the content lives up to its self-help purpose.

First, I went through the 50-something page booklet with a pencil. The problems were minimal: a need for more paragraphs and more commas after introductory phrases sums up about 85% of the task. Now I’m actually making those corrections to the typed copy that was on his flashdrive.

It dawned on me that I have two types of ineffectual responses to rude remarks: the deflated, sad, barely speaking response and the panicky, PTSD-like, blurting ramble. Maybe I’ll be better prepared next time.

Now let’s discuss some of my my alternative vases. I like to stick bush branches full of leaves in attractive cans filled with water, or artificial flowers in cans weighted down with rice. I started this hobby with fancy bottles and artificial flowers. One big can has an attractive orange Cigna Health Springs coozie on it.  For years, I’d been putting artificial flowers in bottles. There’s a can of Monster energy drink called “Heavy Metal” with some big bright red fake flowers that contrast with the green and black can.

Is it okay to admit the vast majority are beer cans? We’re talking about home decor not classroom decor. Furthermore, Tyler finally went damp in December 2012. A mystery bottle features some bright red, artificial, paintbrushes with maroon and black backdrops. Then there’s that beautiful State of Texas-shaped tequila bottle–Republic– that also bears a bush branch. This empty bottle was given to me from the neighborhood BBQ/bar–too expensive for me to do shots. I tied five matching 4Loco cans with a hose-like sock, and I just added four cans from another brand on top of them, Bud Light Margaritas, encased in a black bandanna. That big can with the coozie is a special edition Miller with Harley-Davidson decoration. It bears a red poinsetta, black rose, and tiny white flowers. The Harley Miller at the bathroom sink has a bush branch. Just because one is a straight male and poor doesn’t mean that one has to be interior decorating impaired. You’ve already heard about my family photos in the apartment.

If this alternative vase/industrial art goes over, I’ll bring up more decorating tips. I’m sure I’ll be done editing the booklet.

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