Yo Trump, Here’s Why I Like Mexico & Even Nixon Better Than You

Barely a day goes by without hearing of Donald Trump, the Republican front-runner for President, making an insulting remark about rivals, undocumented immigrants, and/or foreign trade/other countries. On the other hand, Richard Nixon opened relations with China after 2 1/2 decades of isolationism.
Later Nixon was forced to resign because of the Watergate scandal. However in retrospect, the crime seems more pathetic than wicked because Nixon’s gang had no need to spy on the George McGovern group because there was no question Nixon would rout McGovern in the the 1972 election. I aged from nine to 15 during this time period- upper elementary to high school.
My vague memory of Nixon’s poor economic policies at the time were summarized in the soul classic, “Fish Ain’t Bitin’,” by Lamont Dozier.
Yet Donald Trump’s deportation proposal would cost $200 billion to deploy. Forcing Mexico to build a Second Great Wall could lead to a war with a neighbor that is our third largest trading partner.
The “plan” neglects that many undocumented immigrants overstay their temporary work visas. Rich businessmen like Trump can use US government forms to ship unskilled temporary workers to the US.
During World War II, the U.S. enacted the bracero program, so we could have temporary farm and construction workers from Mexico while the US and the rest of the Allies fought the Axis powers: Germany, Japan, & Italy. Sergio Gutierrez, one of my best friends in high school, had a dad who volunteered to fight in the Air Force for the U.S.A. as a machine gunner in a bomber plane. Yes, Sergio’s dad was a Mexican citizen at that time.
Let’s fast forward to getting my secondary teacher certification and doing plenty of substitute teaching in ESOL, Bilingual Elementary, and eventually Spanish through 4th year. I should admit that my fashion statement was avant-garde–long hair in the back and business casual. So I subbed where the preppies weren’t, sorta like White Flight in reverse…lol. I started studying Spanish, and my first lesson to me was how to order a meal in a taqueria.
I cherish those memories of little kids waving at me in the cafeteria that had me as a sub at that school or another school in Garland ISD or Dallas ISD. Then there were those two times playing soccer at recess. Once I found a giant riding lawn mower part in the field, so I told a good little boy to take it to the principal. Then there was the time I uncharacteristically played goalie (I’m really a halfback or fullback). I leaned on my knees since my asthma was bad, and I bought my first albuterol nebulizer after school. Much later, I added my published articles on clothes http://lessonplanspage.com/laspanishclothesunitjhmo-htm/ and Spanish music http://lessonplanspage.com/LASSMusicSpanishMusicListeningComprehension912MO.htm/ to the real teacher’s lesson plans.

Free Speech Gone Wild: The SONY/”The Interview” vs. North Korea (?) Hackers Controversy, by Joffre (“JD”) Meyer

Free Speech Gone Wild: The SONY/”The Interview” vs. North Korea (?) Hackers Controversy, by Joffre (“JD”) Meyer

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That SONY movie, “The Interview,” a jolly comedy about assassinating the leader of the North Korean dictator got hacked by the offended dictatorship and threats were made to theaters as we all know by now. Excuse me, but that’s free speech gone wild on the part of whoever made that movie. Sure I think North Korea is really sorry, but the US would go ballistic if some movie company in another country made a comparable movie about the US President. Even the Republicans in Congress would get mad, except for maybe a few Tea Party freaks. Am I crazy or what?

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 Since when does freedom of speech include a comedy about killing the ruler of another country? They’re not supposed to get mad, right? Sure North Korea is a horrible dictatorship; a feeble country may have shrugged their collective shoulders. A stunned ally would have cut off trade relations.

“The views and opinions expressed do not reflect the views of our official government… It’s social commentary. Some folks need to learn how to take a joke.” by Joel Nolan
 But North Korea is dangerous and crazy. Perhaps this comedy about killing bad rulers is related to a fundamentalism that sees grace as covering up for aggravated assault or worse, like my neighbor. More likely, it shows the US is violent. Such a movie theme could sicken British and Canadians, but I bet it would go over in Honduras.

Now, North Korea is saying that got framed by the federal government. The federal government part is silly, but we have more than one archenemy, usually Islamist terrorists, who would love to mess with the US–especially if they could blame it on another hated foe. How about a disgruntled former SONY employee causing the computer problems? That theory has been gaining popularity. Good to hear North Koreans wouldn’t attack innocent moviegoers…supposedly. Hacking is one thing and missiles another, but North Koreans aren’t known for blowing up stuff hither and thither. Here’s my first update/revision. For “Yes, North Korea hacked SONY,” go to this Slate article slate.me/1x7jxPn . For”No, North Korea didn’t hack SONY,” go to In.is/nym.ag/LDgRU at New York Magazine.

Proposed Alternative Movie Posted on Facebook
linkis.com/www.fireprojects.org/c7Vfo   What if we had a movie about East Asia, in which Mongolian rap stars helped squash the sudden rise of a fringe group determined to resurrect the 13th century Mongol Empire led by Genghis Khan and Kublai Khan?…………. We could have a multicultural cast too. Imagine Denzel Washington, as the executive, and Ice Cube, as the star rapper, meeting with the Mongolian rappers. The Mongolian rappers aren’t all men; a lady rapper is very prominent, and you can read about her on this link too. How about getting Lisa Ling to play her part?

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