Slice of Life: A Word Game with the Writers Club of Tyler, TX by J.D. Meyer

The writer took the new Dash SALT-free Southwest Chipotle seasoning shaker and shook some in his beer. Not being AMBIDEXTROUS, I used my right HAND. The seasoning isn’t FIERY, just mildly spicy. ….I’ve let my gray hair grow over my EARS during the pandemic, or is it the pantheist epidemic? I have a relatively new black leather BELT with two metal hooks. …..My apartment complex is VOID of women wearing BIKINIS since the pool is closed. I’ve heard rumors that big snakes and alligators, if not CROCODILES, can be found in the woods around here…… My favorite all-cyberspace ALLIANCE is “Friends from afar: A Confucianism Group.” Ir’s great to read articles written or found from your Pan-Chinese Ru CONTEMPORARIES and know them. I posted what I did for the Birthday of Confucius yesterday. I’m glad we Writers Club folks still communicate, albeit ABSENTLY.

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