Border Wall Protest

“And, importantly, the Texas Civil Rights Project is helping with this. We’re representing clients with eminent domain action.”…… “The Lower Rio Grande Valley Sierra Club is present at all the No Border Wall events. See their page for updates.”

Jude Lieber

Texans had a peaceful rally the same day violence erupted at another rally in Charlottesville. Here are some highlights:

Marianna Trevino Wright – “This was a surreal moment for me, where reality is being denied, not only to me, but in the public realm, and the government has undertaken a campaign of deceit and deliberate misinformation. People believe that this wall is going to be on the border. They don’t know that residential communities, that holy grounds, religious sites and other places, public lands, are going to be effectively cut off from America.” A US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) representave told her that there would be, “Armed federal agents on private property to make sure that their contractors are not deterred from doing the work they’ve been ordered to do.” Then Wright gave a concluding warning, “If you have a home or a business or a property within 25…

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