My Google Plus Argument with Donald Trump?! By J.D. Meyer
posted in Donald Trump for President 2016

JDM: Prepare for war if #DumpTrump gets elected. What if Mexico refuses to pay for the Second Great Wall? Now he wants to squash Freedom of Religion, yet stated he’s never asked God for forgiveness!

DT: Islam is a death cult NOT a religion…wake up…and bring the war if you will

JDM: Try telling that crap to the Liberal Islam of Indonesia, the Jaringans. Please don’t attack them too. There was a missionary at the local MHMR handing out leaflets about becoming Christian or face eternal torture last week, so don’t tell me about death cults!

DT: and you don’t see the difference between being threatened with enternal torture in the afterlife and the raping and murdering Muslims do in every country who lets them in eh…stfu and sit down moron

JDM: First of all, there’s only one “n” in “eternal.” It’s just a few deranged Moslem groups that do a bunch of violence. My IQ is 120–not a moron, a retired teacher and published author. I don’t believe in obscene acronyms. Am I in a fussing match with The Donald himself? Sure hope not.

DT: You could not be more naive

DT: Being a teacher makes you a progressive liberal which does not bode well for your level of intelligence. Any idiot can get published. I’ve been published several times so either you think I’m an idiot or you are. If you’re a retired teacher that means you had tenure a long time and given the lack of competition in the profession it also means according to the psychological nature of activities that lack competition that you slacked for a very long time. I can count the number of good teachers I knew from school on on one hand and have fingers left over. Those kind of credentials might play well with the dregs of society that vote for Democrats but not so well with people who have had to live in the real world and not the shelter of unions and tenure. I have more respect for someone who has dug ditches their whole lives. At least they have lived in the world as it is not in a false utopia of protectionism….now go vote for Sanders like a good useful idiot.

JDM: I only had help from a teacher’s union once, and that was when I went from long-term sub to full-time teacher, and I was owed back pay. Sorry you haven’t had many good teachers. I used to haul sheet rock to the dumpster and do groundskeeping at a hospital to keep an adjunct instructor job going in healthier days. I learned how to install vinyl floors by working fast, and I graded papers at lunch. Isn’t that neato? I was in a competititve field. Let’s draft Michael Strahan for President in 2020!!

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