Belated Slice of Life Tuesday: Scattered but Busy

Sorry I haven’t written anything for Slice of Life since my account of our June Better Breathers luncheon on COPD Diet. Two days ago was our July Better Breather luncheon; we had burgers, and a health machines supplier answered questions about replacing C-PAP masks and tubes. That’s for sleep apnea, my most recently diagnosed illness, and something that wouldn’t have been noticed before I got a pulmonologist, Dr. Luis Destarac, who sent me to a sleep specialist last year. That brings up another point. I started the rough draft for my road to Medicaid story yesterday.

Of course, I’m still tweeting on a wide range of topics, and I’m nearing 2900 followers after only 12.2K I recommend that teachers in general consider the wonderful world of Twitter–perhaps especially retired ones. Imagine having scholarly, prominent reading buddies all over the world! You can get used to clicking the translate button in the upper-right hand corner. A Twitter map shows that 2/3 of my followers are in the US, 8% are in England, and I know somebody on every continent. Yet only 1.5% are in my hometown of Tyler. See what I mean about how you can travel in cyberspace without leaving the house! I check my peak flow meter before I leave, in case I need to visit the nebulizer–a great friend since 1997.

After I finish writing this post, I’m going to call my Cigna rep back about trial work periods with not just SSDI, but Medicare. It’s very possible that I got over-confident about how much I could make because I just stated SSDI to the info man and Social Security and not Medicare with its cutoffs for how much you can make. I’m healthy enough to skip Medicare A and graduate to Medicare SLMB. My goal is to start publishing my copyrighted, illustrated Developmental English/Writing textbook slowly but surely, probably starting with grammar.

Early Monday afternoon will be the monthly meeting for the East Texas Human Needs Network (ETHNN). I’m on the transportation committee, but i used to be on the education and health committee. Dilapidated teachers who depend on the bus have such choices. The other two committees are employment and housing. I organized a couple of field trips for our transpo. committee; field trip to the high-dollar grocery store from the second bus hub followed by field trip from downtown to the new shopping center that is way south.

I went on a truly serious cleaning binge on the 4th and 5th. Some friends stopped by after some serious sweeping, mopping, dusting that encompassed 40% of the house. More cleaning followed, as I felt this was an omen of sorts. Generic Pine-Sol and new scrubbing bubbles along with Windex were used freely. Importantly, this computer desk got some much-needed scrubbing once old papers were either filed or trashed.

Sometimes extroverts talk in order to clarify their thoughts, and this blog is no exception. I multi-task and have been watching “The Cycle” on MSNBC at the same time, but I’m a little sad because the beautiful and talented Abby Huntsman has the day off. I got misty-eyed over the crying South Carolina representative, Jenny Horne, who pleaded for the Confederate flag to come down. My tears were largely because she admitted to being a descendant of Jefferson Davis! I guess I’ve said enough, but what are my tags going to be?

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