Our Green Bug, by J.D. Meyer—Elementary ESOL, Spring 2001

Our Green Bug, by J.D. Meyer—Elementary ESOL, Spring 2001

Our green bug looks different from most bugs. He is not just a green bug. But he’s a shiny, green and black bug. He’s shiny like Maricela’s windbreaker jacket but a darker shade of green. Adrian noticed that he has a thin red stripe on his sides. Our bug has six long legs—like all insects. Adrian believes that he looks like a lady’s painted fingernail. He reminded Fwy of a toy car or truck. Veronica named the bug, D.J. She knows that my name is J.D. from the school ID. Everybody likes the bug except for Raquel. A few people think he’s a stinkbug. I don’t know what he is.
I found him near a creek and thought he had gotten away. Amazingly, he was crawling on me, and I didn’t know it. I drove back to school. I felt him on me when I walked to the door. So I put my hands around him like a cup.
First, I put him in plastic bag that our librarian, Mrs. Roper, gave me. Second, I put the bug in a jar that a first grade teacher, Mrs. Hutchins gave me. Then I used Mrs. Roper’s plastic bag as a cover. I wrapped a rubber band around it. Then I put air holes in the plastic. Now our bug has a temporary home. Later, I put some breadcrumbs in it.
By the next morning, our shiny green and black bug had escaped! Oscar noticed that he had chewed a hole through the plastic top of the jar. He was a fast insect too. Since we didn’t know him that long, we won’t miss him that much. Besides we didn’t have a good home for him yet. I guess our bug was meant to be free!
Adrian caught about twenty caterpillars yesterday afternoon. He put them in a little bucket and planned to bring them to school. I guess another family member stopped Adrian. The caterpillars are slow unlike our fast, shiny, green, and black bug.
Veronica was happy to find out our bug had escaped and cheered, “Cool!” She seemed to be close to the bug. Veronica gave me two green chili pequins when she arrived in class.
Kindergarten was the first class in the afternoon. One of the kids saw the bug on the floor near the computer! The bug wasn’t walking well. This time, he was easy to put in the jar. All of us looked at him in the glass. I set him free on the playground after class. No more false alarms, the shiny green and black bug was free at last!

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