First April Weekly Slice of Life: Better Breathers luncheon and great JAG re-run

It’s 9:05 CST, so I’m running out of time. I just saw a great J*A*G re-run, a 2004 episode called “Crash,” in which suicide was suspected as the reason for a Navy pilot’s crash–remarkably timely in light of the recent tragedy in the Alps. The dead pilot did talk suicidally, including to his commander officer, but it was a wing malfunction that caused the crash. And that officer in charge of planes landing almost killed himself by leaping off the ship!

Today was our monthly Better Breathers luncheon–a free talk and lunch and talk at the hospital across the street. Today’s topic was medicine for COPD and asthma; plus, we got a handout. The speaker was a pharmacy doctorate intern.

Tyler, a city of 100K, is known as an “eds and meds” with a bunch of restaurants, in urban planning slang. “Eds” means there are colleges here–a branch of the University of Texas, Tyler Junior College, and Texas College–the HBCU where I taught for five years, and the oldest of the bunch. We have a rare status as a senior welcoming city. “Meds” means we have a couple of really big hospitals, and I deliberately moved into the Hospital District, now known as Midtown, to be near them. Then I got a pulmonologist in the area since I got on Medicaid, and I switched to the local pharmacy.

Before the luncheon, I worked on responding to a letter from a friend. Afterwards, I did laundry.

My morning started with some leftover biscuits and gravy. I microwaved some bacon and pured a little hot cherry pepper in the gravy to add some zing. It’s not only great to be at the BBQ place at closing on Saturday, but at the end of breakfast on a weekday. Thus ends my first Slice of Life, outside of March, in reverse chronological order.

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