SOL ’15 Day 31: See Y’all on Tuesdays/About Flickr Photos for Illustration

I was so happy to discover this morning that Slice of Life will continue as a Tuesday club for us writing teachers. This has been my first Slice of Life. L-Squared became my major interaction here. Am I the only male Slicer? I only really missed one day when my keyboard went out, and I had a routine doctor’s appointment that afternoon. Early in March, the computer was slow and missed the midnight cut-off with a last minute post. Another time I didn’t notice the cut-off was 12:00 midnight Eastern Standard Time. So I’m 28-31; over 90 is an “A,” right? Slicers remember that  next Tuesday is a week away.

Some of y’all may recall that when my keyboard cratered, I started doing some massive spring cleaning. Yesterday and this morning were similar days, for the Neighborhood Services inspector is coming over today sometime between 19 minutes ago and 4:30 Central Standard Time. This will be my third rodeo; keeping a 2/3 discount on my apartment depends on passing. The aroma of generic Pine-Sol and bleach spray have left the air. Windex doesn’t have much of a smell.

I’m going to leave you for now with something helpful and happy: Flickr–the photo-sharing branch of Yahoo. Illustrations are essential for a textbook should you be writing one. You’ll learn the world of Creative Commons copyright rules. Attribution Only is the best; just list the URL of its creator. Sometimes you can get lucky and succeed in getting permission for re-use, the second friendliest category. The old school copyright symbol–a “c” inside a circle–means “Stay away from their stuff, except for looking.” There are other categories in between these two extremes.

Illustrating is really fun; you can flesh out model essays you’ve had for years. Photo choice can be so obvious at times, such as those Favorite TV series and Favorite Movie essays. It’s possible to get amusing with photos too, just like many a model grammar sentence. My pet peeve in grammar has to be the Apostrophe Splice. A singular noun that doesn’t show possession doesn’t require an apostrophe; therefore, I have a Jolly Roger flag next to it. A third person singular present verb doesn’t need an apostrophe either. Thus, I have a factory sign warning to keep fingers away from rotating saws.

Humor, whether verbal or visual, is an aspect of textbook (or essay) engagement. Multicultural topics and a journalist’s interest in youth culture help too. Looking forward to staying in touch. I’m @bohemiotx on Twitter too. See you here next Tuesday.

2 thoughts on “SOL ’15 Day 31: See Y’all on Tuesdays/About Flickr Photos for Illustration

  1. I’ve never played with Flickr. Sounds like a world of fun. I keep and share photos on Instagram, iCloud and store them to share in DropBox. If only I had the time to make all the photo essays I’d like!
    I’m so curious about the “New Slicers Only…” but I’m not peeking. I’m not a new slicer. Glad you’ll be writing on Tuesdays.

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