Slice of Life 2015: Family Pictures 3-24-15/Keyboard Turns Off Yesterday

There are five family pictures in my house–four photos and a painting. Members shown are Mom (2), Dad, Grandpa (Dad’s), and Grandma (Mom’s).

Dad’s is the most unique for it’s a caricature of him painting a naked lady! This painting used to hang in the basement of his petroleum engineering consultant firm where they met at lunch to play cards. Every employee had a caricature done of them, and the topic was chosen for Dad because he liked oil painting although he did nature paintings, never people.

Mom at age 20 was a model, and she’s wearing a dress with bare shoulders in this framed glamor photo. I just cleaned it with generic Windex; thanks for this slice prompt. Then there’s Mom at age 63–a happy housewife throwing coins over her shoulder into a fountain!

There’s an obituary of my grandpa, Joe Leo Meyer (1874-1944). He was a Dr. Pepper bottler in Palestine, Texas. He mov….(Keyboard turns off Monday morning). {Now that my new accountant friend fixed my keyboard, I may continue; it’s Tuesday night}….Grandpa moved from Alsace, France to Victoria, Texas in 1890 at the beginning of the German occupation. He moved in with his uncle Xavier and learned English. By 1897, he moved to Palestine and began working at the Dr Pepper plant he would acquire in 1925.

There’s a small photo of Mom’s Mom, Charlcye Elrod Nance, amidst the little figurines by my bathroom sink. Close examination reveals her mixed heritage! Various facts didn’t leak out until Mom got Alzheimer’s and revealed her bootlegger stepdad. Then her accent and expression switched ethnicities around the inquisitive CNA, “What cha going to do to me today?”

Anyway, those are my family pictures. Pretty interesting; isn’t it?

4 thoughts on “Slice of Life 2015: Family Pictures 3-24-15/Keyboard Turns Off Yesterday

  1. That’s an interesting prompt just to write what family photos are on view. Begs the question, which ones aren’t. And then write a short bit annotating the photo for your reader. Coolio.

  2. I love the way the description of family pictures reveals so much about your family. It makes me want to go examine the pictures I have hanging up and then write about them. Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. I enjoyed the snippets that your photos provoked you to share. I never thought about connecting information with each like you have. Thanks for sharing.

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