Slice of Life 2015: My View, the Commenting Challenge.

The best view of my efficiency is from my computer chair. My front door is is on the far right of the room, and my computer is just to the left. I can look to the left and see my kitchen. A giant window composes most of the front wall–Too early to open it. I have nine chairs, including a recliner, and two bar stools for sitting. My walls are covered with all kind of things, such as flags, oil paintings by my late Dad, three Aztec gods, and various papers.

The full-sized flag is of the former republic of South Vietnam, yellow with three red-orange horizontal stripes. I taught ESOL to adult South Vietnamese in the late 90’s, back in East Dallas. The closest Aztec god print is of Quetzalcoatl, the god of wind and knowledge–strategically hanging near the computer area. Above the window is a photo of Booker T. Washington and my ad for an Afromestizo talk I gave in 2005.

A folded calendar photo of Jamie Foxx as Django stares at you from above when you enter my place. A large political yard sign, “Buy Local First. Vote for Propositions 1 & 2.” underneath Mom’s photo, circa age 20 model marks the beginning of the kitchen. That successful vote in December 2012 led to Tyler, Texas finally going damp and Stanley’s Famous Bar-B-Q going through mega-expansion. The owner and his wife are at SXSW selling their BBQ this weekend.

This is my first Slice of Life, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve commented everyday although not always before 12:00 midnight Eastern Standard Time. One night, my slow-witted computer didn’t post until a couple of minutes after midnight CST! It’s been great interacting with y’all. L-Squared of California has been the most prolific commenter of me. In closing, I wish English had a second-person plural for pronoun + verb of being, in other words: y’all.

11 thoughts on “Slice of Life 2015: My View, the Commenting Challenge.

    • Thanks I’m 6’1-1/2″ and 208 lbs, mid 50’s, bifocals, and an ENFP according to the MBTI. I decorate with artificial flowers in beer cans and bottles too–sometimes a branch from the apartment’s atrium in a water filled beer can.

  1. Loved the description from your room. And so glad you enjoyed the SOL15. The line “oil paintings by my late Dad” made us wonder … what are the subjects, colors?
    Darla & Jen

    • The oil paintings are usually of nature, maybe a house or art objects, never people. Splashing water on the coast is above my TV–lots of blue and white. Desert mountains with bushes are behind me–many colors: reddish brown, green, sky blue, tan. In front of me are a winter scene with snowy ground and roofs plus a fall scene with a red-leafed tree.

    • Thanks, that Django movie was a trip. My Alsatian grandpa had a legal, yet also gutty friendship with a young Black employee in redneck 1930’s era East Texas. Grandpa, the Dr Pepper plant owner, took the future Nolan Anderson, MD to practice his German with Willie the Butcher. Dad recalled his Dad saying, “Come on, Bobo, Nolan has got to practice his German.”

  2. Great workspace. Do not our work spaces, or our creative spaces as I prefer to think of them, say so much about our personalities? I am enjoying your posts and the style you bring to writing.
    I also notice that when I made the space — the little table, candle, yoga mat and shawl, then meditation happened; and when I put the vanity in the best corner of my bedroom with an old Corona (typewriter not beer) on it, writing happened. And now I’m putting art materials on the fold down kitchen table expecting, yes, more art to happen.

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