Slice of Life 2015: Friday 20th Community Health Worker Coalition Meeting & Visited Library Buddy

I’m a member of the new Community Health Worker (CHW) Coalition in Tyler. We meet once every two months at Tyler Junior College West at lunch and hear speaker(s). Today we heard three speakers discuss the the services at Northeast Texas Health–a multi-county organization. Two of their branches are just north of downtown and in southwest Tyler near the Tyler ISD administration headquarters.As always, Cynthia Keppard, our director, did a charismatic job of hosting the event. We got CEU credits for attending.

NET Health has Texas Healthy Communities that includes programs in tobacco cessation/reduction, reducing obesity, increasing physical activity, and improving nutrition.

They’re on the lookout to battle Hepatitis C, which is really common around here. Tyler has designated medical shelters, a rare service shared by San Antonio and few others around here. NET Health sends vans to rural communities for immunization, exams, access to SNAP, dental care, and asthma. There’s a rabies alert now because of skunk mating season. NET Health provided 3000 flu shots this year; they also do TB control.

Food Handler certification is a major task because of the massive amount of restaurants in Smith County/Tyler–some 850 in a city of 100K. Slicer note: The “eds and meds” + senior citizen magnet nature of economic development probably have a lot to do with the large number of restaurants.

After the CHW luncheon, I caught the Blue SW back to my area and stopped at the library to print my textbook proposal. On the way, I told a sickly old man which bus to catch to reach a food pantry on the Eastside–a perfect sequel to a CHW luncheon. We’re supposed to be on the front line of health and trusted members of our community.

Once I arrived in downtown, I visited Ben, my new accountant friend who’s trying to help me with an issue. It’s the first time I went to his office. Talk about casual Fridays; they don’t even have to wear long pants–really cool folks. Ben & I met on Stanley’s BBQ, my second home as already described this month.

I saw my best buddy at the library’s 3rd floor computer room: Jim, the fiction writer/reviewer from Weed, California. Seeing Jim is always great since he’s a writer and good guy. Plus, he doesn’t have a phone, so seeing him is not something you take for granted. Today we discussed extroversion and introversion, and he says he’s in the Introversion category. I saw quite a few people today and not all are friends; my personality is something like asparagus. Love me or hate me; it’s not a bell curve.

My combination of poverty, education, extroversion, and a liberal attitude makes me seem “uppity” to detractors; furthermore, ENFP’s aren’t good at judging enough according to a Facebook group post I saw earlier today. So I’m trying to improve my inner circle and flee from the haters, regardless of which circle.

3 thoughts on “Slice of Life 2015: Friday 20th Community Health Worker Coalition Meeting & Visited Library Buddy

  1. I mean, I know you talked about introversion and extroversion, but I just imagined it would be cool to talk with a writer friend. Did you talk about writing, too?

  2. I showed him my textbook proposal. He talked about talking to a long-lost friend jock friend on the phone. I talked about my birthday party earlier in the week at the BBQ place.Jim has an assignment to write a horror fiction story of about 5000 words in three weeks. I talked about some odd folks I’ve been around lately, and Jim was fascinated by my insights.

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