Slice of Life March 2015: Walk to Pharmacy & Pulmonologist/Allergist, So Many Hills

I moved to the hospital district of Tyler in August 2012, so I could be near the hospitals because I have COPD. Now our area in east-central Tyler is called, “Midtown,” complete with attractive blue street signs. Tyler finally went damp in December 2012, so one can get beer and products as strong as 17% alcohol at a gas stations, such as Speedy Shell. I prefer living in a business neighborhood rather than residential, simply because services are readily available. Walking past house after house is dreary. I either walk or ride the bus. I no longer drive.

Today brought the return of my Daliresp prescription after considerable haggling between my pulmonologist/allergist, pharmacy, and Cigna Health Spring–my new extra service for those on Medicaid/Medicare. Dalisresp reduces inflammation and sputum production. Don’t get me wrong, for I like all three of those health groups–especially Pulmonary Associates. Theophylline (Theo-dur) used to be the super-pill for asthmatics. Then I walked past the hospitals to my pulmonologist/allergist for a shot. Bermuda and Johnson grass hurt me; praise God I’m not allergic to kitties although cat hording can lead to fur-related bronchitis without having a dander allergy.

The walk to the pharmacy is up hill at a 30 degree angle. The walk to the pulmonologist is up a very steep hill, more like 70 degrees. Unaffectionately, I call it “Heartbreak Hill.” It’s easier to walk much further on flatter land.

The general practitioner is the one who is supposed to sign papers for my electricity not being cut off because of my life-threatening condition. I need electricity first for my nebulizer. An oxygen machine with canula and C-PAP for sleep apnea followed once I got a pulmonologist with my Medicaid that followed Medicare in my case.

Expensive monthly ER visits are a thing of the past, which was the rule from 2008-11. Of course, I didn’t pay; the country did. Why does Texas block the expansion of Medicaid/Medicare? Lucky for me, I’m slick. I presented 3-4 years of ER bill records to my social worker and got Medicaid on the second try!

I went to the Fleishel Shell for beer/wine with my plastic coated canvas bag on the way home from the pulmonologist. When I made it back home, I got out of my long jeans and switched to blue jean shorts. It’s definitely spring here. Plus the shorts show off a pair of my new extra fancy socks form the Stanley’s BBQ birthday party. Bye, y’all!

3 thoughts on “Slice of Life March 2015: Walk to Pharmacy & Pulmonologist/Allergist, So Many Hills

  1. You took us with you through your day, including Heartbreak Hill. Wow. And kudus to you for the special skill in navigation social services and agencies. That phrase, “Tyler went damp” is quite amusing. 🙂

  2. Another nice compliment, L-Squared. I got recruited for the Community Health Worker (CHW) Coalition at another non-profit meeting a while back. If I could get 1000 volunteer hours, I could get a new career! Tyler was damp in more ways than one yesterday…….lol.

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