Slice of Life: W the 18th: Earl Grey–Cat Celebrity

What am I going to write about today? I had a two-day birthday celebration at my neighborhood gathering spot. There are balloons over my left shoulder, including an awesome aquarium style balloon. Curiously I was asked last night to name the dolphin. I decided, “Quintanilla,” in honor of Selena’s family, and they’re from Corpus Christi. The scattered showers have subsided, and it’s in the upper 60’s in East Texas; spring has started. Few photos can be more touching than a dozen of your friends posing with you, particularly when it goes on Facebook.

Yesterday while playing with the gray cat across the street, the mailman hailed the kitty’s great friendliness. The mailman laughingly puts up with his dog’s irritation over kitty smell on him. I’d already witnessed Earl Grey’s nose kisses of a very pudgy short dog who goes for walks with a little old lady. My cat friend is a celebrity–a neighborhood cat. I informed a friend couple’s cat (Dutchess Newburn-Becker) on Facebook about Earl Grey’s stardom, and told the lady in real life.

Time for an early dinner, and one of the ingredients is simmering kim chee–traditionally cold; wish me luck. I’ve been jamming on You Tube this afternoon. It’s possible to listen to an old favorite in English with Spanish subtitles and work on your second language skills!

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