Slice of Life 2015 It’s Pi Day: 3-14-15 & 2000 Twitter Followers

As y’all know by now, I am a Twitter devotee. Yesterday, I reached 2000 followers twice; several accounts were suspended the first time. A couple of friends explained that explained those may have been fake accounts. One said that she lost a pack of Instagram followers.

I’m excited about today being pi day–once a century, 3-14-15, etc. I watched Chris Kornacki of MSNBC do the  countdown during his news show for the exact pi moment in Eastern Standard Time (EST). Then I set my cellphone alarm for the pi moment in Central Standard Time (CST). Naturally, I tweeted a couple of Pi Day entries too.

Much of today’s Twitter obsession was due to finding great articles relevant to developing my textbook’s philosophy. Believe me, that’s way tougher than editing the current textbook or making notes on stuff, such as number of figures, spreadsheets, annotated link pages, etc.

Here are some highlights from an inspiring article by Gianluca Fiorelli at The Moz Blog: “Understand & Harness the Power of the Archetype in Marketing.” Designing a brand that unconsciously connects with our audience through an archetype leads to “brand loyalty, community creation, engagement, and conversions.” The Twelve Archetypes–a Carl Jung model–fall into four categories.

That excites me because I’m a long-time fan of Psychological Type Theory, led by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)–a descendant of Carl Jung’s research! You can bet before the weekend is over, I’ll do a Google search for the relationship between the 16 types and four temperaments in all Psychological  Type models and those Twelve Archetypes of Jung. I’ve made some guesses already.

Fast Co-Create had an encouraging article on content that asserts “consumers want to be advocates for brands and products they chose…relevant content.”

Anyway, I’ve rambled with glee enough for now. Suffice it to say, that cyberspace continues to give me  support for vindicating my textbook project.

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