Slice of Life 2015 Wednesday: Dodging Payment Rep Status for a Schizoaffective Friend!

Yes, I went to the local Social Security office today, Amazingly, we got a ride to the Social Security office from a surrogate mom type and not some vagabond. We really hit it off, and I told her about my bus trip plans (See the Monday the 9th Slice of Life) about the transpo cmte.) for her and her husband to attend. I told Social Security that I’m on Medicare QMB besides regular disability, just in case that would have a bearing; it didn’t. The rep even asked my schizoaffective buddy if he wanted to be in charge of his crazy check instead of me because three others have come-and-gone in the last four years. So I dodged that bullet without trying! I don’t want to lose medicine by doing some razzle-dazzle with the federal govt.

I asked the Social Security rep about my publication dream, which would involve donating most of the profits to non-profits, such as the COPD Foundation. It turns out that donating the profits won’t protect me from being ravaged. So, heck with it. I’ll risk losing some benefits if I get I get my textbook published.

Upon getting home to my computer, I watched a video in which Dr. Michael Sorrells of Paul Quinn College was being interviewed. PQC is an HBCU in the East Oak Cliff part of Dallas. It’s a college that has made an incredible turn-around through Dr. Sorrell’s leadership. I was so inspired that I e-mailed 18 chapter sections published as articles to Paul Quinn College. Let’s enlarge the scope of the Texas Association of Developing Colleges (TADC) on-line–an association of the five private HBCU’s in Texas.

3 thoughts on “Slice of Life 2015 Wednesday: Dodging Payment Rep Status for a Schizoaffective Friend!

  1. At first, I was supposed to be representative for his disability check. I would have paid his rent and utilities with his money. I hope this wasn’t a too scary slice of life. Up to 1992 tweets, so get ready for the big 2K celebration!

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