#SOL15 Tuesday the 10th: Textbook Proposal Work at Last!

Tuesday, I finally worked on my long-delayed textbook proposal. Copy-and-pasting from old essays are a big part of it, but there are plenty of new entries, as it’s gone to 2600 words and nine sections.

A new section shows how responding to proposed corrections follows one of your persuasive strategies ultimately. It’s good to say what you’ve done and plan to do also. Firming the chapter contents remains a project, as I should put the long, rambling essays in a new College Composition chapter. Easy to feel that you should go conservative, and stick with the grammar chapter only, but then your cyberspace friends beyond East Texas give you hope again.

I’m going with the straight forward textbook proposal now, and I’ll save the complicated philosophy grounding the textbook  for later. I’ve seen horrific demoralizing essay prompts in Developmental English/College Composition courses, such as “Why did you choose this junior college, and which is your favorite campus? No criticism allowed,” “Write a persuasive essay. No controversial topics are allowed, such as abortion or marijuana legalization.” What if your chosen topic is controversial, and you didn’t clear it with the instructor, and you lose a letter grade from the start? At first, my review of model essays and essay prompts invoked the merely boring at worst, or deciding between best or worst something, and risking depression and essay incompletion by going the negative contemplation route.

I think I’ve said enough for now.

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