#SOL15 Sunday means Fareed Zakaria, church, & time alone.

Slice of Life 2015 began on Sunday, March 1, and I wrote about my enjoyment of Fareed Zakaria, CPS on CNN 9 & 12 CST on CNN. Dr. Zakaria has a PhD in political science, and he also writes for the Washington Post. The other day, I saw four Indian young people visiting each other at my favorite restaurant. Being a doting type who used to substitute teach in elementary, I asked one if he’d heard of Fareed Zakaria, (after confirming they are indeed from India) explaining that he’s my hero. Fortunately, the young man knows of him.

I get my ride to and from church from two sets of folks. I go to church with my first friends in Tyler; we switched churches together. The ride from church is with my newest good buddy–my renter insurance rep who now enjoys my church.

It was a rainy, but not cold, Sunday morning–still cloudy. There’s a Texas legend that our weather changes more rapidly than most places. Participating in Slice of Life calls me to ask if there’s truth in this tale. I feel gratitude that the weather was great yesterday when the bus was running; no bus service in Tyler on Sunday. Our church emphasizes an attitude of gratitude as of one of its major points.

Learning to enjoy being alone is an important skill.  At the simplest level, it can mean not wanting to be around “frienemies,” those folks who try to exploit you through draining money, threats, or creating an environment of anxiety.

On a deeper level, I need to focus on my major long-term project: publishing my textbook. The road to publishing a textbook reveals those who drop out at various stages on the road. Illustrating my textbook with flickr photos and improving my table of content were the last constructive acts. After getting rebuked by a publisher for being “too regional, idiosyncratic, and controversial,” I discovered the sustainability theories of composition by Derek Owens of St. John’s University. So I wrote a theory paper called “Give Regional a Chance.”  I published 18 chapter sections as articles after getting my textbook copyrighted with the Library of Congress, thereby gaining an audience. Yet that same reluctant would-be publisher told me about a great e-journal for education in my home state, where four of my chapter sections would get published. Yet here I sit, often tweeting to friendly folks in cyberspace, checking on buddies on Facebook, and watching CNN or MSNBC + three re-runs.

I’ve begun to work on my proposal, updating the a form never sent. Returning to a philsophy stement needs to be on hold because ideas pour in constantly. ….I’m keeping the typos (from hours ago) due to a computer meltdown earlier today for the sake of authenticity. No, I didn’t work on the textbook proposal, and it was too rainy to lure the gray cat off the porch. Wish me luck.

4 thoughts on “#SOL15 Sunday means Fareed Zakaria, church, & time alone.

  1. I was thinking about that balance of solitude and someone to talk to about my work today.
    A book is a huge project. Good luck!

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