#SOL15 Bus to the Northside

Today was like spring, so I figured if I don’t go back to the former neighborhood, then I may not for a while. It’s the start of the month too. I caught a different bus than usual to begin the proceedings–Red North., That took me a few blocks east of a preferred stop, but it was good enough. First, I visited folks at the community gathering spot; for me that’s 11 years. Then I visited two more clusters of old friends. The last buddy, who I visit on Facebook, drove me home!

What else did I do yesterday? I made a giant mixed bean surprise, starting with Ranch Style beans Jalapeno flavored–followed by canned garbanzos, corn, and chopped tomatoes, together with fresh onions. Then I added spices and hot sauce. I can mix it with a choice of baked chicken, fajita beef, pork chops, hot dogs, or Earl Campbell’s sausage.  I told the old buddy who drove me home about the best happy hour day at Stanley’s Bar-B-Q: Wednesday with The Haggertys playing. Let me suggest that one tell long-lost friends or possible new ones about the best happy hour at the nearest watering hole. Social climbing in 2015!!!

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