#SOL15 On Snow, Writing Spots, & Earl Grey–the Cat Across the Street

It’s snowing again this morning in East Texas; that sentence looks like an oxymoron. At 7:28 am, it’s 28 with a chill factor of 17. Slice of Life  suggestions include telling us about your writing spot(s). My major spot is in front of the computer. To its left is a large window with a view of the atrium, trees and bushes covered in snow. Many years ago it was a swimming pool that had to be filled in because wackos from a local college dove into it from the second floor balcony.

To my computer’s right is the front door. I have a weird reputation for usually yelling when somebody knocks. I get startled easily and began developing an index of Civilian PTSD for my counselor. If you’re on Medicaid/Medicaid, you get free counseling from a master’s student on their practicum at the local MHMR. I’m on number five since February 2013.

This is the second day in a row I started typing right away on the computer; one day, I wrote in my notebook at Stanley’s Bar-B-Q. Sometimes I sit in the comfiest chair in my house–a recliner–to reward my getting with the Slice of Life rough draft.Typically I get up from the computer chair with a sore back.

My new friends through Slice of Life are L-Square from California, and they mention being sustained through Earl Grey. I too am sustained through Earl Grey, but not the tea–a gray cat across the street! We met last April, and my sixth sense indicated we’d end up being friends even though the usual cut-off age for becoming friends with a neighbor’s pet is early high school. I bring Earl Grey Pounce kitty treats–chicken or seafood medley. I brush him too. He’s a big cat with a very soft meow and a possible ADD condition, for he loves to run up to me and then space out and wander a little aways. I’ve learned to roll toward him or shake that Pounce kitty treat jar. There’s a vacant lot between his house and the apartments across the street, which is where we meet. I’ve seen less of Earl Grey because of the cold weather lately. It can be tough at times to be in an emotionally committed relationship with someone else’s cat. I miss him so. https://twowritingteachers.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/11454297503_e27946e4ff_h.jpg

4 thoughts on “#SOL15 On Snow, Writing Spots, & Earl Grey–the Cat Across the Street

  1. You hooked me w/ the title in which you identify Earl Grey as a cat! When I saw the prompt about writing about our writing spot I thought, “I can’t do that. I have more than one!” Glad you shared snippets of all your spots.

  2. Hilarious!! I mean the difficulty of being in an emotionally committed relationship with someone else’s cat! Ha ha ha. Earl Grey is a perfect name. You paint the picture of your visits with this feline friend quite vividly.

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