#SOL15 Day 4 Laundry after Brazil Talk

It’s “T minus 2 hours” for me to get a Slice of Life entry in on time. Meanwhile I’m jammin’ to Mazz with Joe Lopez, a Tejano legend. By the way, the sound on my TV went off during Charlie Sheen today, so I walked to the pharmacy early and got two out of three hoped-for meds.

So how did this day start? Another hike to the dollar store for Spray-&-Wash, not the generic–plus many clearance sales items, including onion powder–perfect when you don’t feel like catching a bus to places with fresh vegetables. I think onions should be in convenience stores. One of my newest Twitter followers today is an investigative reporter with the New York Times,  and another is a super model in Brazil! I’m near 1950 followers, so I should hit the big 2000 this month!

Then I walked downtown to hear a talk on Brazil by a local prof for the annual Great Decisions program through the Foreign Policy Association–really good. I had no idea Brazil used to have military dictators as recently as the 80’s. One of my best friends at church is a public administration prof whose specialties include Brazil. Then I rushed home to get discharged from my home health program since obviously I’m neither homebound nor ignorant of health issues. I recently found out that I’ve been made a member of eight Health Care Social Media (HCSM) sites. Yes, there’s still faint hope for going double-or-nothing on my status if I can find a place(s) to volunteer 1000 hours and go for Community Health Worker status. The long needed two loads of laundry followed the nurse visit.

My electricity bill doubled this month–eeek!  So I’m going to look for help amidst in the predicted ice. That space heater didn’t cost extra in January. I had a good time listening to The Haggertys at Stanley’s BBQ with my new accountant friend and long favorite staff. So many adventures. Glad Spotify still works. https://twowritingteachers.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/11454297503_e27946e4ff_h.jpg

2 thoughts on “#SOL15 Day 4 Laundry after Brazil Talk

    • The Haggertys is a local 3-piece rock band that plays every Wednesday at Stanley’s BBQ–guitar, bass, vocals, and drums. They can play Pink Floyd without synthesizers! Longest happy hour of the week too; quite a Hump Day celebration. I enjoy visiting with y’all.

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