Woods for BBQ by Region & Essential Mixed Drinks for a Bar, reported by JD Meyer

Woods for BBQ by Region & Essential Mixed Drinks for a Bar, reported by JD Meyer

Typical Woods Used for Barbecue by Region, according to Andrew Czop
I have had a dim awareness for some time about not all barbecue chefs agreeing on the same wood, so I asked a friend and noted smart guy, Andrew Czop, (formerly) a caterer and more at Stanley’s Famous Pit-Bar-B-Q of Tyler. First of all, I asked Czop what Stanley’s uses; he said, “Pecan and it’s the typical choice in East Texas.” Dallas, a mere 100 miles to the west, generally uses mesquite. Czop observed that the choice of wood for grilling is partly based on local abundance. Dallas is somewhat drier than East Texas. I’ve lived in Dallas and Tyler longer than any other cities. Austin in South Central Texas uses post oak; it’s more hilly than north or east Texas.
As for regions beyond Texas, the Midwest uses hickory, and that includes Kansas City and Chicago. The Atlantic Coast utilizes fruit woods, such as peach and apple. Appalachia chooses hickory like the Midwest states.
Let’s hope this article gets longer.

Essential Mixed Drinks for a Bar by Betty-the Catering Manager
Yes, this September 2014 article is about to get longer on New Year’s Day! A couple of months ago, I took notes when Betty talked to Parker Case, guitarist/singer for Say Anything, about the essential mixed drinks every bar should offer. This report also comes from Stanley’s. Let’s express this conversation in a list. It’s presented in order of time, not necessarily importance: (1) Bloody Mary, (2) Long Island Ice Tea, (3) Martini/Cosmopolitan, (4) Margarita, (5) Whiskey Sour, (6) Tequila Sunrise, and (7) Rum & Coke. First of all, Whiskey Sours and Rum & Cokes were my parents favorites on this list. Tequila Sunrise was one of my early favorite mixed drinks while Long Island Ice Tea was a favorite in my late 20’s. Martinis remind me of the 50’s and Frank Sinatra. The Bloody Mary and Margarita are the most likely mixed drinks for me to consume nowadays on this list. Whiskey & Coke is another personal favorite. Maybe it should be #8?

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